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Originally from New South Wales Ken has become, alomost overnight, one of South Australia's oldest emerging artists. He enjoys black and white movies, anodising and family stuff.

What the press say...

Ken is a South Australian artist who works from his home studio in Henley Beach. Ken uses aluminium to create colourful objects and artwork which he exhibits regularly. Ken has refined the anodising process down to a fine art, photo etching designs into the metal and anodising several times using different dyes to create the beautiful patterns and surface textures which make his work so distinctive.


Aluminium anodising is an electrolytic process that produces a very durable sapphire-hard surface on aluminium. In fact the aluminium oxide layer produced is chemically identical to corundum. Rubies and sapphires are formed from corundum, which is second only to diamond in hardness. The unique translucent quality of the anodised surface is due to the reflective alloy beneath shining through a thin layer of dye. The dyed layer is part of the metal itself unlike a print which sits on the surface and can wear and chip easily. The dyeing process is similar to the dyeing of fabric in that the dye becomes part of the material itself, in this case the anodised surface. The main difference being that once the dyed layer is sealed the colour will not fade. The designs in the dyed layer are produced by photo-etching, a process where resists or masks are formed on the surface of the piece that allow the surface to be selectively etched, anodised and dyed. Depending on the effect desired a single piece may go through this process several times.